Will Pearson

Co-founder and Co-CEO at Ocean Bottle


Will is interested in driving social and environmental impact through entrepreneurship. He’s appeared on the Forbes 30 under 30 list and was named one of Norway’s Top 10 Leaders under 30 for his work towards the sustainable development goals.

After his engineering degree, Will spent a year working at sea in the Indian Ocean, where he experienced first hand the effects of pollution on the ocean. His belief is that everyone should have the right to a healthy environment and that business has the fundamental role to play in solving the challenges it has created.

With experience in engineering and business strategy, Will has nurtured an obsession to create products and services that give more to the world and environment than they take from it. This has led to the development of Ocean Bottle which is on a mission to prevent 7 billion plastic bottles in weight from entering the ocean by 2025.