Valentina Milanova

Founder at Daye


Valentina is at the forefront of gynaecological health research and development and is dedicated to closing the gender pain gap and challenging historical gender biases in medical research and product innovation. She is a published researcher with breakthrough publications in menstrual pain management and the importance of the vaginal microbiome for gynaecological health.

She has transformed the landscape of women’s health with Daye’s pioneering work. Under her leadership, Daye introduced the world’s first tampon designed to alleviate menstrual cramps in 2020. The company’s approach extends beyond period care products. Daye’s tampons are used for endometriosis relief, as well as STI and HPV detection. Daye’s commitment to sustainability and social impact is evident, as Daye’s tampons are produced in-house, providing employment opportunities for women who escaped human and sexual trafficking trafficking. Daye also maintains a fully carbon-neutral operation.

Valentina has raised $25m in private and public funding for Daye, and her educational background is in law, economics, medical device law, and public health with degrees held from The University of Buckingham and specialisations from Harvard Law School and Imperial College London.