Tim Heard

Head of Intrapreneurship at Barclays Ventures


Tim is passionate about helping established companies develop and nurture ‘in-house’ entrepreneurs so that they can innovate more like a start-up and respond to disruption more effectively.

Tim is an experienced intrapreneur, and social intrapreneur, in his own right, who now finds himself as a globally recognised speaker, lecturer, author, and theorist on the topic of intrapreneurship; using his own experiences to help others and is now the Head of Intrapreneurship for Barclays Ventures.

Because of this passion for intrapreneurship (particularly how it can be used as a vehicle to solve social problems) Tim co-founded the Circle of Intrapreneurs; now the world’s largest network of intrapreneurs – which grew from a LinkedIn group to a global movement with over 6000 members, from over 80 countries, representing most of the world’s biggest companies – within 3 years.

Tim is also honoured to have been selected as a One Young World Ambassador on 4 occasions; the world’s leading forum for young leaders and is currently studying for a masters in social innovation @ Cambridge University. Tim is a guest lecturer on both the Cambridge and CASS MBA courses.