Thijs Maartens

Sustainability and Circular Economy Lead at Philips


In my unique role at Philips Innovation Services I contribute to the realization of Philips’ ambitious targets in sustainability and the circular economy by bringing together and providing strategic guidance to cross functional teams in our businesses, functions and markets.

I joined the San Fransisco based C2C PII in 2015 to support the positioning and growth of the sustainable ,circular design and manufacturing program “C2C Certified Products Program” for the EMEA Markets. Before choosing to transfer to the C2PII I was involved in the founding teams of successful Belgian start-up businesses Robuust! The Zero Waste Shop & Vascobelo N.V.

After graduating I worked as a strategy consultant and in the communications department of a large recycling company. I hold a MSc degree in Sustainability Science & Policy from Maastricht University’s International Centre for Integrated Assessment and Sustainable Development as well as a BA degree from Maastricht University’s Liberal Arts Program; University College Maastricht (UCM).