Sue Daun

Executive Creative Director at Interbrand


As Interbrand London’s Executive Creative Director, Sue drives the creative vision and strives for excellence in every client relationship. Her 25 years of experience have seen her collaborate with global brands across many sectors, always with the aim of creating meaningful and inclusive brand experiences.

Sue believes in the multifaceted role of creatives in connecting with consumers in innovative ways and providing value that resonates deeply. Her work has spanned a range of notable clients, including Essity/ Bodyform, Topsoe, Haleon, Cartier and Bayer, where the courage to make bold moves leads to exceptional outcomes.

Beyond her day-to-day role, Sue dedicates time to mentoring up-and-coming talent and judging industry awards, fostering growth and striving for high standards in creativity. At Interbrand, she is not only focused on the work itself but also on nurturing the skills and capabilities of the team, ensuring that the business consistently delivers thoughtful and impactful brand strategies.