Stephanie Monty

Founder and CEO at Ostique


Graduated from Brunel University with First Class Degree in Industrial Design and Technology, Stephanie founded Ostique in 2017 inspired by her brother’s ongoing struggle with Crohn’s Disease. She won a James Dyson Award for Innovation at Brunel and was a National Finalist in the Santander Entrepreneur Awards 2017. Her work has featured in exhibitions at London Design Week and The Cube Museum in the Netherlands and has been published in Dezeen magazine, PosAbility Magazine and most recently featured on the BBC. Previously graduating with a Bachelors of Arts in History from the University of Manchester, she has worked in the property development sector, as well as in a top London marketing agency.

Ostique Ltd is developing a medical device that will revolutionise the ostomy and wound care market by improving product functionality for patients whilst tackling mental health issues that are not currently addressed by products on the market. There are over 2 million people living with a stoma worldwide and currently available products concentrate on the functional collection of output and maintain a distinctly medical aesthetic. At Ostique, we believe that a patient’s psychological needs are as equally important as their physical ones. Our products combine advanced functionality through innovative material technology and improved aesthetics. Inspired by her brother’s she continues to innovate in this space to improve the quality of life for people living with a stoma around the world.