Setor Zilevu

Senior UX Researcher (Gen AI) at Meta


Dr. Setor Zilevu is a Senior User Experience and AI Researcher at Meta. Dr. Zilevu is a researcher on the Generative AI team at Meta and was previously a UX Researcher at Google. Dr. Zilevu brings his expertise in computer engineering, computer science, and human-computer interaction to design innovative solutions to better understand human behavior and knowledge. Dr. Setor Zilevu has a wealth of experience developing innovative solutions to improve user experiences ranging from healthcare, education, retail, and social justice.

His dedication to merging UX and AI together earned him recognition as a 2022 Innovator Under 35 by MIT Technology Review. His experience includes developing assistive interfaces for the world’s first cyber-human system for stroke survivors and developing a framework for understanding the human mind through UX and Al; Dr. Zilevu has demonstrated his ability to seamlessly merge the fields of UX and AI.

With his Ph.D. in Computer Science, focusing on understanding the mental models of humans in the realm of UX and AI intelligence, Dr. Zilevu is pushing the boundaries of what is possible in human-computer interaction. As the youngest Ghanaian UX Ph.D. holder, Dr. Setor Zilevu hopes to make a lasting impact on people’s lives everywhere through the merger of UX and AI. In his free time, Dr. Zilevu enjoys indulging in his passions, including basketball, reading, and chess.