Morten Bonde

Senior Art Director, LEGO Agency at LEGO


Morten Bonde is a skilled senior art director with twenty years of experience developing advertising concepts and campaigns. He has worked with both large and small companies and has been responsible for a number of successful LEGO commercials and animated short films. Oh, and he’s legally blind!

Morten has an incurable eye disease, causing him to slowly lose his sight. In 2016, his vision was so severely reduced that his life couldn’t continue as before. He had to change his perspective on life.

Morten became a public speaker and wrote the book Sentenced to Blindness – Now What? to share how he decided to see possibilities in blindness rather than limitations and that the key to such a transformation lies in the ability to focus on the good in life rather than the bad.

Today Morten has an active career in the LEGO Group, and is a published author and motivational speaker on self-management and self-motivation.