Mick McConnell

Former SVP, Head of Design Innovation at WeWork


Mick is a founder of & McConnell and a multi-disciplinary designer, retail leader, digital director and educator, with management experience in marketing, corporate retail management, architecture, environmental graphics, brand strategy, interactive design, digital strategy, graphic design, teaching and advertising.

As Head of Design Innovation, Mick led the development of new product offerings from the scale of an object to that of space and even up to entire new businesses. All aspects of design, brand, marketing, operations and sales are connected to the roll-out stage. Prior to this role, as VP of Product Development at WeWork, Mick managed a team of over 50 designers, project managers, graphic designers, procurement specialists and accountants to adapt and implement many of the design processes he successfully created and deployed at both Chipotle and Starbucks. Mick has also held the role of Head of Special Projects. The team assisted in the development of new product lines and improved on existing projects. These projects included both Physical and Digital integration, brand experience, object cataloging and more for WeWork, WeLive, Rise and other projects yet to be deployed.

McConnell currently is an Assistant Professor at Pratt Institute. He also has taught at Syracuse University from 2010-2013 and The University of Nebraska from 2003-2005. Mick is the author of LAX, The Los Angeles Experiment, an award-winning publication from 1994. McConnell has worked with leading corporations, architects, agencies, and design firms both in-house and as a consultant. Mick was VP of Marketing and Head of Design at Samsung Electronics America and at Asymptote, Mick was the Project Director of the Formula 1, Yas Hotel in Abu Dhabi as well as several other cultural milestone projects over the last 20 years.