Mara Hummel

Digital InnoLAB Ambassador at Roche


Mara Hummel is a seasoned leader in healthcare innovation and digital transformation. With over two decades of experience in clinical research, plus a couple of years at the Roche Digital Innovation LAB, Mara has a proven track record in driving transformative initiatives and fostering collaboration within the industry. Her leadership extends beyond traditional boundaries, embracing innovation as a mindset.

Mara’s expertise spans strategic leadership, project management, and financial acumen. She has led cross-functional teams and spearheaded innovative programs, earning recognition such as the PD Breakthrough Award and the Roche Award of Excellence. Fluent in multiple languages and with a global perspective, Mara is passionate about advancing the future of healthcare through innovation and entrepreneurship.

As a speaker at the Global Innovation Forum, Mara brings a wealth of knowledge and insights into the evolving landscape of healthcare innovation. She is excited about the opportunity to contribute her expertise to pioneering initiatives in the dynamic world of innovation and entrepreneurship.