Louise Agersnap

Head, WHO Innovation Hub at World Health Organization


Louise Agersnap (BA, MA Pol. Sci.) is an innovation, digital health, and change management leader with extensive experience & knowledge of international relations & global health acquired through 20+ years in the UN, private sector & government, NGO, academia. She is currently Head of the Innovation Hub at the World Health Organization and leading the building up and implementation of WHO’s new Innovation in Health strategy and global Strategy for digital health. In transition periods of the department, she is called in to be the Director (a.i.) of the Department for Digital Health and Innovation.

Previously, as Lead of Culture Change in the WHO Global Transformation Team, Louise Agersnap led the creation of the first-ever WHO Values Charter through broad staff engagement. She has a proven track record of working with senior leaders and building strategic partnerships, shaping and driving creative, innovative solutions for impact.

At the start of her career, Louise Agersnap worked as a management consultant at Andersen Management International and for the Danish Government as Head of Section in the Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs, involved in international negotiations and policy making related to export controls of high technology and dual use goods to promote global peace and security.

All along her professional career, Louise Agersnap is a selling artist, amongst other places featured in the WHO Art Gallery 2019-20 (https://tinyurl.com/bfk8yvjs) and on https://www.instagram.com/louiseagersnap/