Liubov Ruchinskaya

Global Insights Director Care at Electrolux


Today, Liubov Ruchinskaya is a seasoned innovation leader with 19 years of international experience in insights-driven innovation and commercial data management. She is a public figure in insights & innovation industry top voice with more than 15k followers in Linkedin.

Today she plays a role of a senior executive in the corporate world and holds the position of the Global Consumer Insight Director Care for Electrolux Group – the world’s second-largest appliance maker.

Prior to joining Electrolux, she spent almost 15 years with the multinational consumer products company Colgate-Palmolive, working in various roles and living in different geographies such as Istanbul, New York, Lagos, and Switzerland. These experiences have given her a unique perspective on ethics, cultural differences, and the power of diversity.

Outside of the corporate world, she is a serial entrepreneur and consultant. She plays the role of startup coach, collaborating closely with EPFL University in Lausanne. She is a co-founder, sponsor, the board chair in several unicorns, including Toysforplanet, G.S.T.Consulting, a guest lecturer at the Basel School of Business, a council member in ESOMAR council-election-nominees/council-election-winners and the board chair at the Merlien Institute.