Keith Lynn

AlphaPilot Program Manager at Lockheed Martin


Keith Lynn is the Program Manager for Lockheed Martin’s AlphaPilot Innovation Challenge. Over the past few years, Keith has served as a Technology Scout, supporting Lockheed Martin’s Chief Technology Officer. In this position, he was responsible for identifying promising startups and developing investment theses aligned to Aerospace and Defense applications. Keith also supports Lockheed Martin’s central Autonomy strategy committee, coordinating a multifaceted approach toward technology development, communications, talent management, and commercial market engagements. Keith is a technology liaison to Lockheed Martin’s Sustainability office and works closely with the organization to integrate sustainability objectives into the engineering lifecycle. Prior to this, Keith managed Lockheed Martin’s corporate R&D portfolios in the United Kingdom and a nanotechnology collaboration with Rice University. He holds a BS in Physics and Astronomy from Ursinus College, with a MS in Engineering Management from Penn State University. In his spare time, Keith is an avid traveler, scuba diver, and amateur historian and etymologist.