Kaeden Patel

13-Year-Old Entrepreneur


Hey there! I’m a passionate 13-year-old changemaker on an epic journey to save our beautiful planet through the power of sustainability. My heart beats for sports, with a special love for cricket, and my dreams soar high towards becoming a CEO/Entrepreneur. My roots spread across Canada, India, and England, while I currently call the vibrant city of London home, having first opened my eyes in the scenic Vancouver, Canada.

Introducing the *Sustainable Squad* – an adventurous team of 12 animal cricket players united by a bold mission: to shield our world from the threats of climate change and to empower everyone with the knowledge to take action. The inception of the Sustainable Squad springs from my deep desire to ensure a thriving future for all generations. I’m on a mission to make a real difference, and yes, diving into the world of entrepreneurship is part of my grand plan.