Ilektra Kouloumpi

Thrive Lead - Senior Strategist at Circle Economy


Ilektra Kouloumpi leads the Thrive programme at Circle Economy supporting cities and organizations to thrive within the planetary boundaries. The programme brings regenerative economy frameworks like Doughnut Economics in different ecosystems of stakeholders and translates them into tools for transformative action.

At Circle Economy, Ilektra has also led the Circle City Scans team and worked together with cities in Europe, USA, and Asia helping them to implement circular economy strategies and pilot projects on the ground.

Prior to Circle Economy, Ilektra has conducted research projects on smart & sustainable urbanism at TU Berlin and on EU policies for the built environment at Buildings Performance Institute of Europe in Brussels, while she has also worked as sustainability and buildings engineer for the international firm Arup in Amsterdam.

A fond lover of people and groups working creatively, and deeply curious about new ways of living in harmony with nature, Ilektra has designed and led participatory processes for city changemakers in multiple countries across the world, while she often lectures and presents in conferences, universities and international events about thriving cities and societies.