Hind Al Mualla

Chief of Creativity, Happiness & Innovation at Dubai KHDA


Hind Al Mualla is a people person. As KHDA’s Chief of Creativity, Happiness and Innovation (CHI), her passion for people ensures that the organisation nurtures the best talent, builds valuable working relationships and makes the most of innovative ideas.

Her team not only embodies the Chinese meaning of the word chi- life force- but forms the basis of the way they work, have positive relationships with customers and each other, and being happier in their work and in their lives. “The Chi team’s role is to harness creativity to build a more positive education sector with wellbeing at the heart of everything we do,” she said.

Ms Al Mualla believes diversity is one of the most exciting aspects of her role. “We all share the same vision; to give students in Dubai a high-quality education. Everyone in education is passionate about what they do and keen to promote change and development,” she says.

Ms Al Mualla also heads KHDA’s 10x team – a project to take education ten years into the future, in just two years. The 10x team has developed Rahhal, an initiative that promotes and recognises learning outside of the traditional school environment. “It’s not often we get the chance to change the world,” says Ms Al Mualla, “but with Rahhal, we are. Students and parents all over Dubai will be able to control their own learning journeys in a supportive regulatory environment.”