Gaurav Saini

Principal Scientist / Senior Perfumer at Procter & Gamble


My passion and my job is to help consumers of the world discover a few moments of delight and pleasure unexpectedly in their normal routine. As a Perfumer I bring that to life by surprising them with cheerful smells as they go about doing their household chores using cleaning products, air fresheners and toiletries.

I am originally from India with a Bachelor in Technology, Chemical Engineering from IIT Bombay; followed with a Diploma in Creative Perfumery at the P&G Perfumery School. Over the last 25 years, I have had the pleasure of working on several Procter & Gamble businesses in different parts of the world including India, Japan, US, Belgium and now Singapore. Several brands such as Ariel, Bold, Lenor, Downy, Joy, Fairy, Ambipur and Febreze have fragrances designed by me. I have partnered with P&G technologists to design and bring fragrance delivery systems/ technologies to market; which deliver irresistible scent experiences during product usage. I have had the privilege of partnering closely with Flavors & Fragrances industry spread all over the world, including the big multinationals, the niche naturals growers etc.

When I am not serving the world’s consumers, I enjoy reading, playing electric guitar, creating new cocktail recipes, scuba diving, skiing and archery.