Fabian Reck

Director Go-to-Market at ITONICS


Director Go-to-Market at ITONICS – the world’s leading innovation intelligence & execution platform. ITONICS offers the world’s #1 operating system designed to deliver end-to-end Innovation capabilities to put your growth plan into practice. The NoCode configurable ITONICS Innovation OS underpins organizational efforts to define, implement and manage actionable opportunities through systematic and automated processes and tools.

ITONICS – as a software company – was awarded multiple times as Best Consultancy for growth and innovation in Germany. We are a collective of strategists, engineers, innovation experts, and analysts dedicated to enabling the world’s leading firms to grow at speed. Together, our global team plays an active role in driving transformation and shaping growth.

On a personal level, I am passionate about exploring how executives drive digital innovation in their firms and build thriving innovation networks and ecosystems. I hold a Ph.D. in Innovation Management, teach regularly at universities in Germany and abroad, and give keynotes on strategic foresight, strategic portfolio management, organizational change, innovation leadership, open innovation, and partner scouting.