Daphne Fecheyr-Lippens

Business Designer & Innovation Consultant at Board of Innovation


Daphne’s first 22 years were spend in the beautiful city of Gent, Belgium, where she got her Masters in Biochemistry/Biotechnology. Her curiosity and go-getter mindset made her take a jump into the unknown and move to Akron, OH to obtain a PhD in Biomimicry (= sustainable innovation inspired by nature).
Being out of her comfort zone kickstarted her to co-found two startups: Jaswig, an ergonomic furniture startup changing the way we learn, educate and work; and Hedgemon, developing a hedgehog-inspired impact technology. Jaswig was acquired by Fully, Inc. in 2018 and allowed her to live in heaven (the one on earth, so to speak, also known as Portland, Oregon).

Upon her return to Belgium, she joined Board of Innovation because she wanted to be surrounded with a team of superpowers. As an innovation consultant she is able to pass on her expertise and passion about all things considered innovation, the meaningful kind that is. Board of Innovation is a fast growing innovation agency, with offices in NY, Belgium and currently exploring the Asian market. The organization is on a mission to create 1000 new businesses and empowering 100 million people to take action to build a positive future.