Chris Shipton

Graphic Recorder at Live Illustration


At heart I am a cartoonist. It’s my passion. I have drawn since I could hold a pen. My work has appeared in The Times, the ‘i’ newspaper, and one piece resides in the Cartoon Museum’s collection in London. I have a degree in Drawing from Camberwell College of Arts and live in Oxford, UK. I travel around Europe and the world to draw, but the capital’s where I spend much of my working life.

I work at a broad range of events for a diverse set of clients, including conferences, meetings and gatherings covering subjects as varied as transport infrastructure, global heath, financial markets and future planning. They’re all unique. Each represents a fantastic opportunity to hear new ideas, draw pictures of them and communicate them in a way that delights, informs and inspires audiences.

In any spare time I have left over that isn’t dominated by my two small children, I work on my as yet un-self-published small press comic.