Chaymae Samir

Founder & CEO at madebySUNDAY


Chaymae is a successful entrepreneur shaking up the overpriced, overcomplicated skincare world with MADEBYSUNDAY.COM.

In almost 2 years, and with no external funding, the brand has amassed a great number of die hard fans who are now shopping highly concentrated, clean and effective formulas, at accessible prices, through their website and 800 stockists around the world. madebySUNDAY was also recognised as one of the fastest growing businesses in the UK by NatWest (leading bank in the UK) and was awarded the Best E-Commerce Award in England.

Prior to starting madebySUNDAY, Chaymae exited two businesses and has spoken to and advised Fortune 500 and heads of states on matters related to entrepreneurship and marketing. Chaymae’s inspiring narrative led to her ranking as one of the most influential women behind brands in the Middle East by Forbes and one of the most powerful women in business in Morocco.

With a global reach of over 250k followers, Chaymae is obsessed with bringing high quality, accessible and sustainable brands for all, while inspiring others to achieve their goals and settle for nothing short of extraordinary.