Chandrashekhar Raman

Global Lead, thingQbator Program at Cisco


I am a believer in the transformative power of technology innovation, that a good idea can come from anyone and providing more and more people with the tools to innovate and build, can help solve many of our worlds problems.

 Having spent over a decade in the technology industry in roles ranging from development, strategy, consulting and product management, my focus in the last 5 years has been around the broad area of IoT and digitization, and more specifically around harnessing the disruptive potential of open innovation ecosystems. I currently run one of Cisco’s innovation programs called ‘thingQbator’ where I try to help aspiring intrapreneurs turn their ideas into working prototypes and further. The program was started in Bangalore and has now being replicated in 8 more locations around the globe.

 In my spare time I like trekking, making things and analyzing data from Indian elections.