Carlota Rodben

Author of Beauty As It Is and Beyond Luxury


Carlota Rodben is a luxury industry innovation specialist. She began her career at CHANEL, where she built an innovation team and worked on new concepts for the future of retail. She integrates technology, innovation, sustainability, and human-centric experiences into her work.

Rodben is the author of two books. Her first book, “Beauty As It Is,” advocates for more inclusivity and diversity in the beauty realm, encouraging readers to embrace the idea that “Beauty is a choice.” Her subsequent book, “Beyond Luxury: The Promise of Emotion,” examines the confluence of societal changes, technological advances, cultural movements, and sustainability. It posits that the future of luxury will be shaped by dematerialized, hyper-personalized, purpose-driven, and human-centric perspectives, presenting a future where luxury goes beyond aspiration to become deeply intertwined with purpose and experiential significance.

Carlota is currently working on an entrepreneurial project focused on utilizing AI and IoT for optimizing self-care. She is also a consultant to luxury brands and institutions on innovation, transformation, and desirable futures. Her ultimate ambition is to pioneer a new era of purpose-driven luxury.