Adriana Marais

Physicist, Innovation at SAP and Aspiring Extraterrestrial


Dr Adriana Marais, physicist, innovator and aspiring extraterrestrial, believes that we are living at a unique point in the history of life on Earth. Developments in science and technology are taking place at an unprecedented rate, and the expansion of our society beyond this planet is within reach. She talks about the origins of life, the technology required to live on Mars and the projects working towards sending crews there. She describes how the establishment, and potential discovery of evidence of, life on Mars, would be one of the most profound possible contributions of science to humanity. And the steps we are taking to make this a reality.

As Head of Innovation at SAP Africa since 2017, she is passionate about exploring innovative applications of emerging technologies to challenges facing the continent. She is currently pursuing a second PhD in economics designing a resource-based economic model facilitating sustainable expansion beyond Earth. As director at the Foundation for Space Development South Africa she is driving an overwinter Antarctic off-world simulation experiment for 2020.