Adriana Lakatosova

Associate Platform Strategist at ING


Platform organisations are here and no one can deny it. New online structures enable a wide range of human activities in both analogue and digital realities. The digitisation of communication is fundamentally changing the nature of work, and especially the way we socialise and create value. We are living through a new paradigm, in which the design practices born in the previous one do not fit the participation attributes. In a platform context, someone else can provide the solution, not necessarily you.

So the world we live in today is becoming increasingly connected and even more complex. Pretty much anyone can create value. And in such a world, a platform model is the pre-dominant way to organise successful businesses. But how do you design one? And how do you deal with the inherent complexity that is associated with ecosystems?

My main focus lies on establishing a Platform Design Framework available for use globally all across ING by extending the off-the-shelf Platform Design Toolkit with all aspects needed for Platform Design practice at ING. To accomplish this mission, I share, present and assist on the Platform Design activities at specific engagements globally across ING. This is supported by a workshop format, presentation decks and instructional material.