10:20 - 10:50, Merle Hall & Craig Wightman / Kinneir Dufort
14 November, 10:20 – 10:50

Six Big Questions for Innovation Today

Merle Hall, CEO and Craig Wightman, CDO (Chief Design Officer) lead Kinneir Dufort, a world leading user-centred Innovation and product development consultancy, focused on Designing a Better World.

Between them they have 50 years’ of expertise in Design Thinking, Strategy and Innovation (but are still learning everyday) as they launch life-changing products and services globally for businesses such as Roche, AZ, Unilever and Raspberry Pi.

Merle also sits on the board of Kerning the Gap, championing equality in Design Leadership and the DBA (Design Business Association), as well as KD partnering with STEM organisations Teen Tech and the Big Bang, concentrating on the next generation of innovators, designers and engineers.

Merle Hall / CEO at Kinneir Dufort

Craig Wightman / CDO at Kinneir Dufort