09:40 - 10:10, Ben Watson / Global Innovation Leader at 3M
15 November, 09:40 – 10:10

Collaborative Creativity to Drive Innovation

In a world where society is changing rapidly, novelties commoditize instantly and markets are no longer segmented in familiar ways, opportunities are driven by meaningful and relevant ideas nurtured through company systems into successful commercialization. Innovation success is no longer measured by technology convergence but is driven by social cultural impact. Being actively curious leads to discovery and progress, improving the world around you. The translation of technologies into meaningful solutions is a task of designers; their empathy and storytelling will humanize technologies into relevant solutions that impact people’s lives. We know design can deliver competitive advantage, but how can we harness collaborative creativity to take this one step further, driving value, stimulating growth, and igniting change?

Ben Watson / Global Innovation Leader at 3M