10:20 - 11:00, Ben Strutt at Cambridge Design Partnership & Stephanie Monty at Ostique
21 November, 10:20 – 11:00

10 Design Evils, and the Opportunity for FEI Redemption!

Innovating successfully is challenging enough, without exposing ourselves to additional risks that, in many cases, can be significantly reduced by deploying a range of front-end innovation tools and techniques. Systematic practices during the exploratory phases can enhance, rather than reduce, both the creativity and the confidence of the teams charged with filling the innovation funnel.

I present a reflection on how keeping some common pitfalls during the period of discovery, creativity, and validation, front of mind, can allow us to deliver more robust FEI pathways, and specifications that more naturally improve the lives of the people we are designing for.

Ben Strutt / Director Design & Front End Innovation at Cambridge Design Partnership

Stephanie Monty / Founder and CEO at Ostique