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Workshop: Crazytivity

This workshop brings you on an in-depth creative journey. Butzi will help you to understand the creator’s mindset and master tools that top artists, magicians, actors, writers and entrepreneurs use every day to see the world through a different lens. You too can re-invent yourself, adapt to change through creativity and generate mind-blowing solutions and ideas -even when you are not inspired.

Through magic and simple exercises of divergence, connection and brainstorming, Butzi will show you how to overcome doubts and blocks, learn from your mistakes and understand the creative process to bring more meaning and efficiency to your work.

You will learn:

• How to reconnect with your natural creative superpowers and how to unleash your imagination.
• How to brainstorm properly -individually and in groups, expressing yourself and using others ideas to create new connections.
• How to use constraints as a creative boost and to get unstuck from complex situations.
• How to generate interesting ideas and solutions for your personal and professional life!

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Workshop: Playmobil pro

PLAYMOBILpro is an innovative modelling kit for professionals which encourages problem solving and creative thinking in the workplace.
The system is based around the iconic PLAYMOBIL figure, which for generations has served as an educational toy encouraging imaginative play. Now it can also be used by adults in the frame of a professional context to aid in prototyping, project management, creative workshops and much, much more. PLAYMOBILpro was born out of an interest and demand for gamification tools that introduce playful elements into work processes to achieve better results.
Will you be a PLAYMOBILpro?

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Workshop: Inclusivity at Scale

Benjamin Earl-Evans uses design-thinking to help everyone - from creative professionals to business leaders - create more inclusive products and services. Currently, he works as Inclusive Design Lead for Airbnb where he leads a cross-functional product team dedicated to solving problems like racism, sexism and bias.

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Taking the Leap from Human-Centered Design Thinking Towards Nature*-Centered Biomimicry Thinking

We, humans, aren’t the center of the universe. We’re surrounded by an approximate of 8.5 million species, representing the 0.1% of successful innovators that survived evolution’s unforgiven test of time. How can we make sure that we keep being part of those “lucky” 0.1%?

Biomimicry encourages us to consult nature to gain insights into what makes innovations sustainable while creating conditions that are conducive to more life. It’s a creative problem-solving approach that inspires us to look at forms and functions, processes and behaviors, and entire (eco)systems. Biomimicry has inspired us to go from bullet-train to kingfisher-train, to learn from swarm intelligence to improve group-decision strategies, and to mimic the wood wide web to restructure entire organizations.

Learn more how we, at Board of Innovation, are experimenting with how to show biomimicry’s value and inspire corporate innovators to adopt it more broadly.

*Good news: We are part of nature!

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Building Unilever’s Culture of Agile Innovation

Rachel is currently the Global Innovation Transformation Director at Unilever. She is responsible for driving the growth ambition for innovation through the Lean like a start-up initiative embedding Lean principles and building capabilities across all brands, functions and geographies. This structured change programme is helping drive a full pivot on the way Unilever innovates, from multi-country big scale, up to agile small at speed relevant ideas rooted in innovation strategies. In the last 18 months she has curated the lean like a start-up programme that has seen over 1000+ internal founders complete bootcamps, building new brand launches, innovations and business processes across over 200 projects with circa 15% at 1st revenue moment live launch.

Her career to date includes time spent in the nuclear power industry with BNFL, ahead of a sponsored Ph.D placement with ICI for which is gained a doctorate in Chemistry. In 1998 she then joined Unilever on the graduate trainee scheme. At Unilever she has been a part of the global marketing teams responsible for innovation strategy and product philosophy for lowering cholesterol, creating “good clothes days” and encouraging people to do more by stopping them sweating! Rachel has built deep expertise in innovation development across R&D, Marketing, Local and Global posts bringing her full circle to transforming the way Unilever innovates utilising Lean principles.

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Innovating in Sports Organizations: The Barça Innovation Hub Case

Barça Innovation Hub is a key strategic project that aims to leverage FC Barcelona’s know-how to rethink the future of the sports industry. Barça Innovation Hub promotes research & innovation under an open and collaborative culture, working closely with leading brands, universities, research centres, and start-ups from around the world.

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The Responsibility of Design

Design impacts people’s lives. That impact can be positive or negative – and we are responsible for both. Today, as technology scales the planet and people’s experiences are tied up in an increasingly digital transformation, the role of “design” has come front and center. Everything is designed. Every screen, every interaction, every innovation has the potential to affect and alter human behavior. Every decision from the miniscule to the systematic has repercussions, many of which we’re only now coming to terms. How did we get here, and how do we be more responsible in the future? Join Albert Shum, CVP of Design at Microsoft, for a discussion on the unique power of design to ask why, to be thoughtful, and to build more responsible technology on behalf of humanity.

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Electric Dreams

How can a 116 year-old company own the future while honoring its past? Harley-Davidson is building an exciting future for riders, and surprisingly that future is electric. How did this iconic motorcycle company lean into quiet, clean technology whilst keeping its coveted spot as the world’s most tattooed brand?

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Laughter Yoga

Kick off your second day at Global Innovation Forum with an invigorating shared laughter. Connecting with people is one of the keys to success and it is a well-known fact that people who have fun get more done. Your body and your mind have the opportunity to experience a true wake-up call-to-action in this Laughter Yoga session where Lotte will take you through a fun and bonding laughter session. You will get ideas of how to cope with stress, stay focused, create great relationships and wake up every day in a good mood!

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Field Trip – Plexal Innovation Centre

Plexal is the east London coworking space dedicated to the innovators of the world: the makers, creators, thinkers, coders, rule-breakers and changemakers.
Our workspace has been designed to resemble a mini-city, so we have our very own indoor park, private phone booths, high street, town hall and workshop space for rapid prototyping (which comes stocked with 3D printers and scanners). Why? Because we believe innovators need two things: opportunities to connect with people and space to think or create in quiet. And cities do both those things – which is why they’ve been hotbeds of innovation for thousands of years.