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Workshop: Crazytivity

This workshop brings you on an in-depth creative journey. Butzi will help you to understand the creator’s mindset and master tools that top artists, magicians, actors, writers and entrepreneurs use every day to see the world through a different lens. You too can re-invent yourself, adapt to change through creativity and generate mind-blowing solutions and ideas -even when you are not inspired.

Through magic and simple exercises of divergence, connection and brainstorming, Butzi will show you how to overcome doubts and blocks, learn from your mistakes and understand the creative process to bring more meaning and efficiency to your work.

You will learn:

• How to reconnect with your natural creative superpowers and how to unleash your imagination.
• How to brainstorm properly -individually and in groups, expressing yourself and using others ideas to create new connections.
• How to use constraints as a creative boost and to get unstuck from complex situations.
• How to generate interesting ideas and solutions for your personal and professional life!

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Building Unilever’s Culture of Agile Innovation

Rachel is currently the Global Innovation Transformation Director at Unilever. She is responsible for driving the growth ambition for innovation through the Lean like a start-up initiative embedding Lean principles and building capabilities across all brands, functions and geographies. This structured change programme is helping drive a full pivot on the way Unilever innovates, from multi-country big scale, up to agile small at speed relevant ideas rooted in innovation strategies. In the last 18 months she has curated the lean like a start-up programme that has seen over 1000+ internal founders complete bootcamps, building new brand launches, innovations and business processes across over 200 projects with circa 15% at 1st revenue moment live launch.

Her career to date includes time spent in the nuclear power industry with BNFL, ahead of a sponsored Ph.D placement with ICI for which is gained a doctorate in Chemistry. In 1998 she then joined Unilever on the graduate trainee scheme. At Unilever she has been a part of the global marketing teams responsible for innovation strategy and product philosophy for lowering cholesterol, creating “good clothes days” and encouraging people to do more by stopping them sweating! Rachel has built deep expertise in innovation development across R&D, Marketing, Local and Global posts bringing her full circle to transforming the way Unilever innovates utilising Lean principles.

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The Responsibility of Design

Design impacts people’s lives. That impact can be positive or negative – and we are responsible for both. Today, as technology scales the planet and people’s experiences are tied up in an increasingly digital transformation, the role of “design” has come front and center. Everything is designed. Every screen, every interaction, every innovation has the potential to affect and alter human behavior. Every decision from the miniscule to the systematic has repercussions, many of which we’re only now coming to terms. How did we get here, and how do we be more responsible in the future? Join Albert Shum, CVP of Design at Microsoft, for a discussion on the unique power of design to ask why, to be thoughtful, and to build more responsible technology on behalf of humanity.

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Laughter Yoga

Kick off your second day at Global Innovation Forum with an invigorating shared laughter. Connecting with people is one of the keys to success and it is a well-known fact that people who have fun get more done. Your body and your mind have the opportunity to experience a true wake-up call-to-action in this Laughter Yoga session where Lotte will take you through a fun and bonding laughter session. You will get ideas of how to cope with stress, stay focused, create great relationships and wake up every day in a good mood!

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Circular IKEA – The New Normal

We know that the linear business model of take, make, sell and dispose is no longer relevant and has brought us to the point where we are now, with the risk of the global economy consuming all the worlds resources at an unsustainable speed with catastrophic consequences. This is why IKEA has made the bold commitment to become a 100% circular and regenerative business by 2030. This means that 100% of products will be made from renewable and recyclable materials, the business will generate more renewable energy that it consumes (already ahead of 2020 target), design all products with circular principles at the core, and invest in innovation and the development of new business models such as leasing and buy back. As we approach 2020, the year starting a decade of climate action, it is more important than ever for designers, creatives, entrepreneurs, educators, communicators business owners and all of us to embrace this new challenge with a focus on solutions and action leadership.

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Panel Debate: Designing a Better World

Merle Hall is CEO of Kinneir Dufort, a world leading user-centred innovation and product development consultancy.

She has 20 years’ experience in consultancy, an expert in design thinking, strategy and innovation, launching products and services globally focusing on Healthcare and wellbeing. The team at KD are collectively driven to design a better world by creating impactful change and positive outcomes for clients and the people they are designing for.

Merle sits on the boards of the Design Business Association (DBA) and Kerning the Gap, championing women in design leadership, as well as partnering with STEM organisations Teen Tech and the Big Bang, focusing on the next generation of innovators, designers and engineers.

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The Nobility Complex

Every design decision has the potential to include or exclude customers. Global Research emphasizes the contribution that understanding user diversity makes to informing these decisions, and thus to including as many people as possible. User diversity covers variation in capabilities, needs and aspirations. At Uber, the Global Scalable Research program is intended to influence product teams at HQ and around the world, to design and test in global regions: currently Mexico, India, Brazil. In this talk, I’ll discuss how we use Global Research to prioritize what product teams really need to build well and understand if their designs have relative ease of use that translates well to non-US users. Our Global Research priorities addresses some of the most challenging problems facing our global users today.

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Tomorrow’s Innovators

TeenTech helps young people understand the opportunities in the science, technology and engineering industries, no matter what their gender or social background. Our lively, focussed age appropriate initiatives help young people 8-18 understand their potential and raise their aspirations.

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10 Design Evils, and the Opportunity for FEI Redemption!

Innovating successfully is challenging enough, without exposing ourselves to additional risks that, in many cases, can be significantly reduced by deploying a range of front-end innovation tools and techniques. Systematic practices during the exploratory phases can enhance, rather than reduce, both the creativity and the confidence of the teams charged with filling the innovation funnel.
I present a reflection on how keeping some common pitfalls during the period of discovery, creativity, and validation, front of mind, can allow us to deliver more robust FEI pathways, and specifications that more naturally improve the lives of the people we are designing for.

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