Confirmed Speakers

A mixture of well-established large corporations and fast-growing trendsetters

  • Jodi Goldstein

    Managing Director Innovation Labs at Harvard University

    More than 20 years of experience as a startup executive, co-founder, and investor

  • Dan Makoski

    VP Design at

    Started Google's Project Ara, led Motorola's design research, was Capital One's first VP Design

  • Sura Al-Naimi

    Innovation Catalyst at Walt Disney

    Inspires groups to think differently, take informed risks and evangelize a creative culture

  • Colin Rhys

    Creative Director at Hyperloop One

    Passion for the experiential and a mission to rewrite our ideas of transportation

  • Holly O'Driscoll

    Global Design Thinking Leader at Procter & Gamble

    Passion for creating organizational conditions that allow human creativity and curiosity to thrive

  • Photo:@GarethCattermole

    Jamal Edwards

    Founder at SB.TV YouTube channel

    Amateur film-maker turned millionaire, Digital Entrepreneur, Author "Self Belief"

  • Kirk Vallis

    Creative Expert / Google's Behavioural Development

    Everyday creativity in a disruptive world

  • John Boline

    VP Design Reserve Bar at Starbucks

    Leads China and Seattle studios to elevate brand experience for the Chinese customers

  • Francesco Fogu

    Senior Product Designer at Facebook

    Designs products and drives go-to-market activities for commerce strategies around the globe

  • Laura Coppen

    Global Creative Lab & Innovation Research Manager at H&M

    Innovating in the circular economy converged with the emerging 4th industrial revolution

  • JC Oliver

    Former Global Head of Innovation at Microsoft

    Award winning digital creative, strategist, evangelist & investor with solid media experience

  • Tom Ellis

    Director at
    Brand Genetics

    An experienced innovator & brand strategist who moves fast and breaks new ground

  • Maggie Philbin

    CEO at

    Helping teenagers to see the wide range of possibilities in Science, Engineering & Technology

  • Gil Horsky

    Global Chocolate Innovation Executive at Mondelez

    Creating innovative products that delight consumers around the globe

  • Gary Stewart

    Director at Wayra & Telefónica Open Future_ UK

    Helping democratise entrepreneurship opportunties throughout the UK

  • Julie Yufe

    Global Innovation Director at AB Inbev

    AB InBev is committed to driving growth that leads to better living for more people in more places

  • Ben Strutt

    Head of Design at Cambridge Design Partnership

    CDP is focused on transforming clients’ ideas into commercial success

  • Kristen Bennie

    Head of Open Experience at Royal Bank of Scotland

    Open Experience is a place to collaborate, explore, design and develop new opportunities

  • Sally Loughlin

    Sensory and Product Understanding Lead at GlaxoSmithKline

    Responsible for all Sensory Innovation and Consumer Innovation Science

  • Joel Hughes

    Director of UK & Europe at Indiegogo

    Works closely with entrepreneurs to guide them through launching new products to a global audience

  • James Norwood

    Senior Play Innovation Manager at LEGO

    Inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow

  • Nico Weckerle

    VP Experience Strategy at Deutsche Telekom

    Improving the experience for the entire product ecosystem along the customer journey

  • Rakhee Vithlani

    Senior Yoga & Mindfulness Instructor

    Applying the benefits of yoga in the workplace for high-profile companies such as Nike

  • Maneesh Nerurkar

    Global VP of R&D at Merck Group

    Responsible for innovation pipeline building and maintenance across all three horizons

  • Lüder Sachse

    Head of Digital Product & Innovation Management at Daimler

    Generating new digital business models in the logistics industry at Mercedes-Benz Trucks

  • David Low

    Principal Evangelist Alexa at Amazon

    Working with developers to create new and innovate experiences around voice

  • Chris Shipton

    Cartoonist & Graphic Recorder

    Creating visual maps of meetings and events live as they happen