Josh Silverman

Former Design Operations at Twitter


For the past 22 years, Josh Silverman has built and scaled design teams, clarifying purpose across disciplines and creating value for all. As a systems thinker, he maintains a unified, integrated approach to business – inclusive of brand, product, marketing, engineering, and culture. He designs the contexts and conditions to nurture individual and team success.

He used to run Design Operations for Twitter’s product design team. Josh managed and facilitated weekly design critique for 60 designers, is establishing a design education program, and ushering in a new set of principles and systems for the global design and engineering team.

Previously, he was Founder and CEO of Schwadesign, a holocratic network of independent experts, where he curated custom teams of 2 to 25 to meet individual client needs – from startups and Fortune 500 international corporations, to cities and national non-profits, artists, and community orgs.

Josh has been recognized for his work in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, ReCode, The Boston Globe, Print, and podcasts Meet the Creatives, and Obsessed with Design. He has taught design and entrepreneurship at General Assembly, RISD, CreativeLive, UCLA, and more.

He is based in San Francisco, a beautiful place to walk, bike, and eat avocados. He spends his free time cooking, cycling, camping, hiking, and is working on his first book about first meetings.