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Innovation in Retail Design

With the proliferation of technology, from transaction to interactivity to automation, there’s a seismic shift in the retail landscape. In this session learn what brands can do to spark retail insight and innovation.

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Firechat: Future of Health

Professor Shafi Ahmed is a multi award winning surgeon, teacher, futurist, innovator and entrepreneur. He is a 3x TEDx and an international keynote speaker and is a faculty at Singularity University, US.

Shafi made world headline news in 2014 by streaming a live operation using Google Glass to 14,000 students and trainees across 132 countries. On April 14th, 2016 he performed the world’s first virtual reality operation which was watched by 55,000 people in 140 countries, and reached 4.6 million on Twitter. In December 2016 he used the Snapchat spectacles to records and teach surgery across the globe which has had over 100 000 downloads and viewed by over 2 million people and reached 54 million people on twitter

His mission is to merge the world of medicine, global education, and virtual and augmented reality to democratize and scale surgical education to make it affordable and accessible to everyone using the power of connectivity to allow equitable surgical care. He cofounded Medical Realties who have just released the world's first VR Interactive Surgical Training Module. He is a non executive director of Medic Bleep, a communications platform for healthcare professionals. He is an advisor for companies working in Digital Health, Artificial intelligence and Robotics.

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Six Big Questions for Innovation Today

Merle Hall, CEO and Craig Wightman, CDO (Chief Design Officer) lead Kinneir Dufort, a world leading user-centred Innovation and product development consultancy, focused on Designing a Better World.

Between them they have 50 years’ of expertise in Design Thinking, Strategy and Innovation (but are still learning everyday) as they launch life-changing products and services globally for businesses such as Roche, AZ, Unilever and Raspberry Pi.

Merle also sits on the board of Kerning the Gap, championing equality in Design Leadership and the DBA (Design Business Association), as well as KD partnering with STEM organisations Teen Tech and the Big Bang, concentrating on the next generation of innovators, designers and engineers.