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Community Impact at Nike

Jorge Casimiro is Vice President of NIKE’s Global Community Impact team and President of the NIKE Foundation. In these roles, Jorge leads and directs Nike’s community impact strategy, focusing on Made to Play – NIKE’s ongoing commitment to getting kids active so they can lead healthier, happier and more successful lives. Delivering against Nike’s belief in the power of sport to move the world and unleash human potential, these efforts come to life through innovative and collaborative partnerships, leveraging NIKE's greatest assets – its employees and brands.

Before joining NIKE, Jorge held roles of increasing responsibility across Public Affairs, Communications and General Management at The Coca-Cola Company. These included two assignments in Latin America, Chief of Staff to the former Chairman & CEO and Group Director for International Public Affairs, leading the industry’s engagement with multilateral organizations and serving on several multi-stakeholder platforms. He began his professional career in higher education, working in International Advancement and Community & Government Relations at Brown University.

Jorge lives in Portland, Oregon, where he spends his free time enjoying the outdoors with his wife and three children.

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Panel Debate: Fostering Experimentation and Creativity Culture on the Workplace

> Matt Boffey / Director of Consulting at Great State (Facilitator)
> Jane Buck / Global Director Pitch at Unilever
> Ileana Stigliani / Asst Prof of Design & Innovation at Imperial College London
> Kelly Ford / Dare To Try Regional Director at Pfizer
> Warrick Cramer / CEO at Tomorrow Street by Vodafone

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Democratizing Digital Innovation

Chandrashekhar has over 15 years of experience in the technology industry in roles ranging from strategy, planning, application development, consulting and product management cutting across verticals like smart cities, education and retail. Over the last five years his focus has been around the broad area of the Internet things, and more specifically around harnessing the disruptive potential of open innovation ecosystems. He currently runs Cisco’s internal incubation program ‘thingQbator’ where he helps aspiring intrapreneurs turn their ideas into working prototypes and from there on to marketable products/solutions. The program was started in India and has now being replicated in other cisco locations in San Jose, London and Pune based on its success in Bangalore.

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How Trust is Designed and Earned

A case study look at how Google (more specifically Waymo) and Airbnb have worked to earn (and sometimes fail) to gain user trust while developing some of the most advanced and disruptive businesses in the tech world.

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Tomorrow’s Innovators

TeenTech helps young people understand the opportunities in the science, technology and engineering industries, no matter what their gender or social background. Our lively, focussed age appropriate initiatives help young people 8-18 understand their potential and raise their aspirations.

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The Future of Urban Air Mobility

Voom is a long-term bet on urban air travel as an alternative to ground transportation in the world's most congested cities. At Voom and Airbus, we are investing heavily to bring urban air travel to life.

With Voom we are building a market, while answering pressing questions about urban air mobility: Is there demand for short-haul air travel? What is the right vehicle configuration? How will the regulatory environment respond? Airbus is taking an experimental approach with Voom, with a goal of answering these questions.

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Design and Front End Innovation

Ben leads Cambridge Design Partnership’s design and front end innovation activities, and is a partner in the business. An industrial designer and Chartered Marketer, he was a lead member of the design team for Dyson’s original ‘ball vac’, and is recognised in numerous patents and design registrations. His perspective on innovation is founded on 20 years of global insight, and end-to-end product development experience working with businesses ranging from start-ups, to some of the biggest consumer goods and healthcare brands in the world.

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Collaborative Creativity Ignites Change and Drives Meaningful Solutions

In a world where society is changing rapidly, novelties commoditize instantly and markets are no longer segmented in familiar ways, opportunities are driven by meaningful and relevant ideas nurtured through company systems into successful commercialization. Innovation success is no longer measured by technology convergence but is driven by social cultural impact. Being actively curious leads to discovery and progress, improving the world around you. The translation of technologies into meaningful solutions is a task of designers; their empathy and storytelling will humanize technologies into relevant solutions that impact people’s lives. We know design can deliver competitive advantage, but how can we harness collaborative creativity to take this one step further, driving value, stimulating growth, and igniting change?

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The Magic of Creativity

Butzi, International French TEDx and Keynote Speaker, professional magician, author and actor uses his skills and experience to empower his audiences to be more creative and innovative. After writing 2 books on creativity (including one for magicians in which he publishes all the illusions he has created), he teaches “crazytivity” and body and mind creative workshops all around the world. His aim: to inspire his audiences to reconnect with their natural creativity using his words but also his magic…as a metaphor.

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Closing by Chairperson

An experienced innovator & brand strategist, Tom leads insight and innovation consultancy Brand Genetics, having previously been Managing Director of Big Green Door and Director of Strategy & Research at 1HQ. Tom has extensive experience innovating with brands around the world and across categories - from beer in the US and China, to personal care in India, to white goods in Europe. He likes to move fast and break new ground and is constantly seeking for disruptive insights to help shape breakthrough opportunities - but ultimately he is passionate about helping clients find sustainable ways to grow their businesses and have a positive impact on consumers' lives.

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