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Six Big Questions for Innovation Today

Merle Hall, CEO and Craig Wightman, CDO (Chief Design Officer) lead Kinneir Dufort, a world leading user-centred Innovation and product development consultancy, focused on Designing a Better World.

Between them they have 50 years’ of expertise in Design Thinking, Strategy and Innovation (but are still learning everyday) as they launch life-changing products and services globally for businesses such as Roche, AZ, Unilever and Raspberry Pi.

Merle also sits on the board of Kerning the Gap, championing equality in Design Leadership and the DBA (Design Business Association), as well as KD partnering with STEM organisations Teen Tech and the Big Bang, concentrating on the next generation of innovators, designers and engineers.

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Making London the World’s Smartest City

As London’s first Chief Digital Officer, Theo will play a leading role in realising the Mayor’s ambition to make London the world’s smartest city, ensuring that the capital’s status as a global tech hub helps transform the way public services are designed and delivered, making them more accessible, efficient and responsive to the needs of Londoners.

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Opening by Chairperson

An experienced innovator & brand strategist, Tom leads insight and innovation consultancy Brand Genetics, having previously been Managing Director of Big Green Door and Director of Strategy & Research at 1HQ. Tom has extensive experience innovating with brands around the world and across categories - from beer in the US and China, to personal care in India, to white goods in Europe. He likes to move fast and break new ground and is constantly seeking for disruptive insights to help shape breakthrough opportunities - but ultimately he is passionate about helping clients find sustainable ways to grow their businesses and have a positive impact on consumers' lives.

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Building of a Moonshot

Sheelika Ravishankar formulates and executes strategies designed to make the TeamIndus GLXP mission one of the most inclusive space missions ever. TeamIndus is amongst last 5 teams in the Google Lunar XPRIZE competition. TeamIndus is building a privately funded Spacecraft to land on the Moon, a mission planned for December 2017. Designed to be inclusive and an open mission, TeamIndus is inviting everyone to join its #HarIndianKaMoonshot program.

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Future Raising

In the English language, we refer to the future as singular. But in reality, it should be plural. At any given moment, there are multiple parallel futures vying for dominance. Some emerged from corporate visions. Others from Sci-Fi. Some from political parties. Others from counter cultures. In all cases, they need design to compete. Leland Maschmeyer will delve into this point of view and share how this way of thinking transform Chobani into a design-led organization helping one possible future triumph.

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